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17th August 2015

Enjoy Whitley Neill ice lollies during the Summer of Gin

Who has been enjoying Summer of Gin in their garden with a glass of Whitley Neill Gin and Tonic?

Whether you’ve been enjoying your Whitley Neill on the rocks, or with a dash of Fever-Tree, Fentimans or 1724 as a tonic, we hope the Summer of Gin has been brought to your back garden.

As an alternative to serving your gin with a garnish and tonic, you could try creating your very own Whitley Neill Gin and Tonic Ice Lollies.

Great to share with friends and fellow gin lovers on a sunny late afternoon, these refreshing ice lollies capture the unique taste of African-inspired Whitley Neill.

You will need 75ml Whitley Neill Gin, 750ml Tonic and sliced orange. Place all these ingredients into ice lolly moulds, leave to set overnight in the freezer, and continue enjoying your Whitley Neill Summer of Gin…

Also, remember to enter our Summer of Gin competition to win your very own Whitley Neill Gin Garden →

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