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02nd December 2014

Our Founder and Creator Johnny Neill talks to The Cocktail Lover’s Blog

Highly acclaimed wife and husband drink blogging duo The Cocktail Lovers, have created a new series on their site: ‘The People Behind the Brands’.

We’re pleased to announce that their first instalment features our founder and creator Johnny Neill.

The gin filled inquest serves their avid readership with a flow of dialogue unstitching the history of our brand, Johnny’s family history and the heritage of Whitley Neill Gin, while uncovering in detail, the secrets of our distilling process and the technique that goes into creating such a unique gin.

There’s a hat tip to all the great mixologists who create more and more impressive inventions with our product and of course, an elucidation to the roots of the brand, which are entrenched in the rich African culture.

Read the full article here.

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