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  • The alchemy of Whitley Neill

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  • Unlike the more common method of continuous distillation, our hand-crafted gin is distilled in small batches in England’s oldest Copper pot still, endearingly named Constance - after our master distiller’s late mother. Only the smallest, best part of the distillate (called the “heart”) is collected and subsequently becomes Whitley Neill Gin.

  • Whitley Neill’s supremely balanced recipe uses distinctive aromatics and botanicals, some of which have never before been used in a gin before. These contain essential oils immediately below the skin of the seed, berry, peel or bark and it is the extraction of this in the presence of alcohol that gives our gin its unique flavour.

  • It takes time and skill to carefully consummate the marriage between the crafted concentrate and alcohol to yield a gin of this quality. We then blend the purest water with the concentrated spirit, to ensure the wonderful flavours and aromas released by our botanicals remain locked inside each bottle of Whitley Neill Gin.