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21st May 2015

Whitley Neill and TREE AID continue to work together

Following the renewal of our eight-year partnership with TREE AID last August, we continue to work closely with the charity to support people living in poverty in the African drylands.

TREE AID has recently been busy running a scheme, designed to give women in Burkina Faso the skills to process shea nuts and honey. This is particularly important during the spring when trees start flowering and fruiting.

Local beekeepers use the honey produced from the bees during this time to sell at market or store throughout the year. This provides the beekeepers with a sustainable income, as well as preserving the local trees and environment.

TREE AID have also been setting up small savings cooperatives throughout West Africa, pictured above, to help people save money for the future.

This helps them to buy tools and seeds to preserve their trees and other crops.

Whitley Neill contains rare African botanicals. Inspired by Africa, Crafted in England.

For more information on TREE AID, please see their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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